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The Lithic Research Roundtable

The Lithic Research Roundtable (LRR) unites prehistorians and archaeologists in Hungary who are interested in lithic studies – anything in connection with lithics as an aspect of humanity’s material culture. Although the present members of the LRR are focusing mainly to the Palaeolithic era, we accept opinions and contributions from every time period.

Since 2010, the Roundtable holds its meeting in the first Friday of December, in every year. The Roundtable is a forum for presenting on-going research, new approaches and methods related to lithic analysis.

One lesson the Hungarian Palaeolithic teaches us, that the scale of our inquiry should encompass the whole Central European region at least. The palaeolithic developments are clearly do not stop at present-day administrative borders. As the means of scientific communication become more intense and ever-reaching, there is a need to broaden our view and tighten our sense about past cultural developments in time and space.

For this reason we would like to build a common Central European forum of lithic studies in general. Our journal, the Litikum serves as the base of this common platform.

The Litikum Journal

LITIKUM publishes scientific articles (1) from the field of lithic research of Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic in Central Europe, and (2) developing theoretical and methodological issues related to the field of lithic studies in general. We accept short contributions, lengthy reports, reviews, and problem-oriented articles. Concise updates of research in progress are also welcome. Fundamental policy of the journal is publishing original research results.

LITIKUM appears in a single volume per year under the HU ISSN 2064-3640. We publish the current volume at the time of the annual LRR Meeting in December. The separate articles are released as the manuscripts are approved, throughout the year. The articles are available at our webpage as downloadable pdf and html data as well. The Litikum is an open access, free of charge journal. For detailed information about the publishing process, see our submission page.

The editorial board

Zsolt Mester, editor-in-chief.

Viola T. Dobosi, editor.

György Lengyel, editor.

Attila Király, editor.

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