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Processing manuscripts for publication is continuous. Manuscripts submitted until the end of November appear in the volume of the year of submission. Each volume is closed at the end of November. Manuscripts arrived in December will be published in the volume of the next year. Manuscripts can be submitted in Hungarian, English, and French through our online submission form.

Manuscripts can be published only after a peer-review process by two anonymous reviewers. Based on the publishing policy of LITIKUM, a manuscript can be accepted to be published relying upon the reviewers’ comments without or with revisions of the text. If one of the reviewers propose to reject the paper and the other does not so, a third expert will be involved in the peer-review process. If both reviewers propose rejecting the manuscript, the editors will refuse to publish the paper in LITIKUM. We also refuse publishing papers previously published with the same set of data and conclusion, even if it had been done so in another language.

We kindly ask the authors accept the decision of the editors and take into account the advices of the reviewers, because the peer-review process may seriously improve the quality of the paper and thus that of LITIKUM.

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Manuscripts can only be sent to the editors online. MS Word, TEX, and plain ASCII text file formats are accepted. Text must avoid formatting, including page numbering. The headings and sections titles should be placed in separate rows, with hierarchized numbering, for the sake of clarity.

Figures and tables, each has to be in separate files. We do accept tables in xls files. The tables should be unformatted. Figures’ minimum resolution is 300 dpi with the dimensions twice the size that are intended to publish. The required formats are TIFF or JPEG that may be black-and-white, grayscale, sRGB, RGB or CMYK.

Please, list the captions for figures and tables in a separate file. The first page (title page) of the manuscript contains the: (1) title of the paper, (2) name of the author(s), (3) affiliation of the author(s), including the correspondant author’s address and email address, (4) abstract and keywords in the paper’s language and in English.

Hungarian papers are welcome to contain a longer English summary, which will appear at the end of the text. The resume must offer a clear, easy summary of the article. We recommend to build the manuscript on the structure as follows: introduction; data and methods; discussion; conclusions; acknowledgement; list of references. This structure sheds light on the nexus between data and methods used by the author to reach conclusions, as well as the validity of the latter.

Notes and footnotes are unaccepted. Please, place all information into the main text. Phrase your acknowledgements and laudations in a distinct heading, after the main text, before the bibliography. The references should be placed in the text as follows:

  • one author: (Kovács 1978), with pages: (Kovács 1978: 12)
  • two authors: (Kovács, Nagy 1978)
  • more than two authors: (Kovács et al. 1978)

The list of references has to be in alphabetical order of authors. The reference list formats are:

  • book (author year. title. publication place: publisher.): Kovács L. 1978. A Nap rendszer eredete. Budapest: Galaktika Kiadó.
  • journal article (author year. title. journal volume/tome: pages.): Kovács L. 1978. A Nap rendszer eredete. Földünk 15/3: 23-43.
  • book chapter (author year. title. In: editor (szerk.), book title. publication place: publisher, pages.): Kovács L. 1978. A Nap rendszer eredete. In: Nagy L. (szerk.), Földünk története. Budapest: Galaktika Kiadó, 32-35.
  • in the case of multiple authors, the names should be separated by commas: Kovács L., Nagy L. 1978. A Nap rendszer eredete. Budapest: Galaktika Kiadó.

File handling and upload. The manuscript files should be named after the author (without accents). Use a simple numbering if you are submitting multiple files, e.g. Kovacs.doc, Kovacs2.doc, Kovacs_fig01.tiff, Kovacs_fig02.jpg. Please compress Your multipe files into one *.zip archive for transmission. The maximum upload size is 50 megabyte; if Your data exceed this size, contact us at the email address. We can offer place for Supporting Online Material to Your publication in any format. Contact us about the details.

Be a Litikum online author! is a tool to communicate Your research. We release short essays, news and bits about Central European lithics in order to create a dynamic platform for this field of study. These „posts”, as we call them here, can be anything, in any phase of completion. The posts are intended to raise public awareness about lithics and to channel new informations among experts. If You have a good story, a new discovery or an interesting piece of stone, do not hesitate to share the news with the world! We accept these short communications in compressed *.zip archives through our post submission form. Consult Attila Király with the details (


Litikum manuscripts can be published only after a peer-review process by two anonymous reviewers. Based on the publishing policy of LITIKUM, a manuscript can be accepted to be published relying upon the reviewers’ comments without or with revisions of the text. The reviews are summarized in sheets that are sent to the reviewer through email, or it can be downloaded through this link:

Reviewer sheet

Fellows and promoters

We are more than welcome enquiries from scientific institutions, organizations, journals, portals, colleagues. Litikum is a good place for Your promotion, if You are about lithics. Please consult Attila Király ( with the details.


Litikum and are under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. We are currently preparing a press kit with promotional material, short descriptions and logos for Your use.