SKAM 2014 lithic workshop

The multifaceted biface - Bifacial technology in Prehistory. 20th-22nd of October, 2014, Miskolc, Hungary

Bifacial shaping was present almost overall from chopping-tools and handaxes of the Lower Palaeolithic to the arrowheads of the Bronze Age, and from core preparation to retouch. The 11th SKAM Lithic Workshop about bifaces took place in Miskolc, where the Hungarian prehistoric research was born in 1891, with the discovery of the „Handaxes of Bársony-house”.

The conference papers are published in the Litikum Journal volumes as special contributions. The publishing process is on its way, here we collect these articles together. The details of the conference as well as the abstract book are available on the SKAM 2014 website: