Dear Colleagues!

As you all know, Jacques Tixier, the scholar of lithic technology passed away on April 3rd 2018. He was one of the great French archaeologists who have renewed the study of Palaeolithic sites and assemblages for reconstructing the life of past humans. He taught how lithics communicate their biography via technological stigmata and showed the importance of lithic experiments in understanding what past knappers were and were not able to do in stone tool production. Jacques’ talks and demonstrations were always engaging which emerged from a lucky combination of two characters of human nature: charm and professionalism. He fundamentally affected our thinking about Prehistory, and his loss reminded us we have forgotten to thank him for all he did for us.

Shame on us for being late, we would like to express gratitude for his encouragement in our electronic open access journal Litikum. We dedicate the volume of 2019 to the memory of Jacques Tixier. Thus, we kindly invite you to participate in this thematic issue with your paper.

We aim to collect original scientific papers related to Tixier’s work or his fields of expertise by any means. Although our journal is peer-reviewed, this time we decided to publish every contribution, that meet our editorial criteria. Though we ask you to follow Jacques’ style, to be professionally concise and meaningful.

We accept manuscripts between the 1st of January until the end of December in 2019. The first papers will be published on the Litikum webpage on the anniversary of Jacques’ death. After that the papers will be published continuously, according to the editorial procedure of Litikum. After the submission deadline, the complete memorial volume will be made available separately as well. For the protocols and requirements of our editing process, please consult our webpage. Publishing in Litikum is free of charge.

Please give us a feedback if you think you want to contribute to this volume, via our email addresses:,

Jacques Tixier stone tools, pierre taille

Tixier postcards

As another form to pay homage to Jacques Tixier, we aim to recall his personality by photographs. If You have a picture about Jacques, we kindly ask to send it us with the date (year) and location of the event which was captured, and the names of the people represented on the picture. A short description, story, anecdote would also warmly welcome. These “postcards” will be published on our Facebook account and our homepage.

We expect to publish them in the memorial volume as well. Therefore, we are asking You to send a high-resolution copy, if it is possible. We encourage everyone to send us a digital copy, irrespective of whether they submit a paper or not.

You can send these photos via email ( or You can upload them through our submission form with the note “Tixier postcard”.


The developments concerning this memorial volume will be shared at our homepage, our Facebook page, and on this page. This invitation is public, feel free to distribute it among Your colleagues and friends.

Yours truly,
Editors of the Litikum Journal


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Marko Banda, Siniša Radović, Ivor Karavanić ∣ ReadPDF

Technological features in the late Middle Paleolithic of the Côte Chalonnaise (Burgundy, France)

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The knapped stone assemblage from Boldogkőváralja in the light of a new statistical evaluation

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