Neanderthals at Bojnice in the Context of Central Europe

Book review by Yuri E. Demidenko


The Boldogkőváralja depot of stone tools

The Boldogkőváralja depot contains 566 lithic blades from 7000 years ago. A statistical reevaluation offers new insights into the collection


Late Middle Paleolithic of the Côte Chalonnaise

Herkert and Frick present a site cluster based on Levallois reduction and Keilmesser in the Côte Chalonnaise region.


The Use of Bone in Stone Tool Technology

This study presents bone retouchers used for lithics tools from the Palaeolithic Veternica and Vindija sites in Northwestern Croatia.


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The Lithic Research Roundtable (LRR) unites prehistorians and archaeologists in Hungary who are interested in lithic studies – anything in connection with lithics as an aspect of humanity’s material culture. Although the present members of the LRR are focusing mainly to the Palaeolithic era, we accept opinions and contributions from every time period.
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