Bifacial technology at the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic in Moravia

Petr Škrdla*

* Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Archaeology in Brno, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic. E-mail:

Cite as Škrdla, P. (2016). Bifacial technology at the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic in Moravia. Litikum – Journal of the Lithic Research Roundtable, 4, pp. 9–12.

Abstract. Leaf points have been documented in the Szeletian, Bohunician and Aurignacian technocomplexes in Moravia. The leaf point undoubtedly represents a Szeletian type-fossil within the Moravian early Szeletian, but in the Bohunician the presence of leaf points is more debatable. Bifacial knapping is an unusual element within the Bohunician Levallois-based industry, and has only been documented in the type-site assemblage. Leaf points in Aurignacian contexts have never been recorded in stratified assemblages; they have been documented only at surface sites so their association with the Aurignacian is doubtful.

This study was presented at the 11th SKAM Lithic Workshop: the multifaceted biface – Bifacial technology in Prehistory. 20th-22nd of October, 2014, Miskolc, Hungary. The conference papers are published in the Litikum Journal volumes as special contributions. Informations about the conference as well as the abstract book are available on the SKAM 2014 website:

Keywords: Late Middle Palaeolithic, Upper Palaeolithic, Aurignacian, Bohunician, Szeletian, leaf points

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