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Tixier postcards 3 – Ksar Akil in Lebanon

Ksar Akil, 1972. We participated in the excavations as if our youth had been coming to light, as well as our future. Everything was happy, serious, festive. Photographic archives about Jacques Tixier at Litikum.

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Recent excavations at the Aurignacian site of Seňa I, Slovakia

Hungarian Seňa I Aurignacien lelőhely új ásatása Szlovákiában Photoset See the whole photset at our Flickr page (new window)! Wei Chu, Ľubomíra Kaminská In July of 2016, the Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Slovak Republic and the University... read more

Preliminary report of an Upper Palaeolithic site Feldebrő-Bakoldal

Hungarian Feldebrő-Bakoldal kutatásának előzetes eredményei Photo album See the whole photo set at our Flickr page! (new window) Mónika Gutay(1), Csaba Bálint(1), Attila Péntek(2), Kristóf István Szegedi(3), Zoltán Henrik Tóth(1) 1 – Dobó István Castle Museum, Eger,... read more

Archaeological explorations along the River Ipoly

There are some eventful days behind Krisztián Zandler, archaeologist of the Béla Dornyay Museum in Salgótartján, Hungary. He conducted excavation and surveys in the region of Hont, between 26 and 29 october on the following sites: Ipolyvölgy III, Ipolyvölgy I, Drégelypalánk-Gyakorszer and Topóka-dűlő, Hont-Babat, Hont-Csitár (Molnár-hegy).

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New Litikum

Litikum is the yearly published journal of the Lithic Research Roundtable that unites prehistorians and archaeologists in Hungary, those are interested in lithic studies.

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Páli-Dombok: the first in situ Old Stone Age assemblage from the Rába Valley

The northwestern part of Transdanubia seemed as a palaeolithic-mesolithic no man’s land, as we had knowledge only about stray finds and finds of dubious origin in that part of Hungary, from that time period. With the discovery of Páli-Dombok in 2014, things took a turn; now we have an extensive occupation from the Early Holocene in that region.

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